“Concern for color and light has followed me through every phase of my artistic career.

Early on, my first masters’ project addressed light patterns in translucent porcelain which I created by manipulating thickness and texture. As I potter, I found joy in twisting, pulling and shaping that pliable material into full organic forms. Then, years as a photographer allowed me to explore the ephemeral quality of light and color in nature… the reflective shimmer off a rippling stream, the delicate shifting colors of the evening sky, the iridescence of creatures in a tidal pool, the blush of color on the skin of ripe fruit. My current work in polymer affords me the opportunity to merge all these concerns. I use custom formulated metallic acrylic paints and iridescent glazes to create shimmering luminous color effects over the polymer. The result is a seductive convergence of additive and subtractive color mixture allowing me to play with all the dimensions of color and light and movement over the surface of my jewelry.

For more than 15 years, I’ve nurtured one specific desire that extends beyond the boundaries of my own artistic career: that is to enhance the medium of polymer art itself. My colleagues and I work in a field that until recently many associated primarily with hobbyists and do-it-yourself television craft shows. My belief has been that the best work created in this medium belongs in museum cases, not on the end of key chains; that the visionaries of polymer art who I’ve admired over all these years deserve to stand side by side with the other prominent artists in the nation, celebrated in museum exhibitions and catalogues. For a full account of what I’ve done to turn desire into reality, read about my Professional Activities.”