Artist's Statement:

When collectors call my work "suggestive" I smile, for teasing the imagination is part of my intent. If you look at one of my brooches and find yourself thinking about budding plants or reflections off a rippling stream, then I have done my job. As you handle my earrings, if you're suddenly musing about succulent fruit, then you've realized my intent. Through abstract form, luminous surface and subtle color blends, my artwork functions as a touchstone to the pleasures and mysteries of nature.

Artist's Profile:

Elise Winters grew up in Rochester, New York where her family's metalworking business nurtured her drive for designing and building innovative hand-tools for artists. While earning arts degrees from Syracuse, Montclair and the New School Universities, Elise first encountered the mysteries of color and light and the lure of ceramic clay. As a professional potter, she loved the malleability of earthenware clay, twisting and shaping it into full organic forms. Later, as a photographer, she was seduced by the subtle play of color and light - by reflection, translucence, the ephemeral colors of the sky. Time spent in Japan enriched her studies of ceramics and sumi-e brush painting. The Japanese influence, in both its reverence for nature and its respect for subtlety of design, has informed Elise's work with luminous polymer clay jewelry. Her signature pieces of jewelry and sculpture feature a technique she has come to call "crazed acrylic," a subtle combination of polymer clay with acrylic paints which results in shimmering colorful surfaces.

Elise is recognized as one of the nation's leading polymer clay artists and jewelry designers, having had her work illustrated and written about in numerous books and periodicals. From time to time she curates exhibitions with the purpose of educating the public about the finest work being done in polymer.

In 2006:

Elise was again chosen as a finalist for a NICHE award
One of her necklaces graced the cover of THE CRAFT REPORT, Feb. issue, which also contained a profile article
Her work was again selected for inclusion in American Art Collector Quarterly

In 2005:

Elise was chosen as a finalist for a 2005 NICHE Award.
Golden Artist Colors commissioned 3 brooches for their corporate collection
Her work was selected for inclusion in American Art Collector Quarterly

In 2003:

Elise was honored with a NICHE Award.
The spring issue of ORNAMENT magazine featured her work in an artist's profile article.

Elise's work has been sold in:

Bellagio Asheville, NC
Fleury Houston, TX
Forma Ann Arbor, MI
From The Ruins Key West, FL
Gallery 5 Tequesta, FL
Gallery 8 La Jolla, CA
Julie: Artisans' Gallery New York, NY
MIO San Francisco, CA
Morgan Ballou Woodstock, VT
OXOXO Gallery Baltimore, MD
Pavo Real Boston, MA
Pavo Real Chicago, IL
Perceptions Concord, MA
Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia, PA
Ragazzi's Flying Shuttle Seattle, WA
Society of Arts and Crafts Boston, MA
Wardrobe Austin, TX
Widney Moore Gallery Portland, OR
WOW Newton Highlands, MA
Zenith Gallery Washington, DC
and other fine galleries across the US

Her jewelry and sculpture have been exhibited in:

The Bead Museum Glendale, AZ
Baltimore ClayWorks Baltimore, MD
Brookfield Craft Center Brookfield, CT
Firehouse Art Center Norman, OK
Florida Craftsmen's Gallery St. Petersburg, FL
Houston Center for
Contemporary Craft
Houston, TX
Hunterdon Museum Clinton, NJ
Kamiji Gallery Tokyo, Japan
Kentucky Museum of Art + Design Louisville, KY
Laramie Fine Arts Galley Cheyenne, WY
Montclair Art Museum Montclair, NJ
Manchester Design Center Manchester, UK
Mitsukoshi Gallery Tokyo, Japan
Monmouth Museum Lincroft, NJ
The Morris Museum Morristown, NJ
Noyes Museum of Art Oceanville, NJ
Ohio Craft Museum Columbus, OH
OCCC Center Gallery Demarest, NJ
Portland Museum of Art Portland, ME
Peters Valley Gallery Layton, NJ
Suburban Fine Arts Center Chicago, IL
Target Gallery Alexandria, VA

Her work has been seen in:

American Craft, American Style, Ornament, Lapidary Journal,
Metalsmith, Niche, and Craft Report magazines as well as
these fine books, The Art of Polymer Clay, by Donna Kato, 1997
Artists at Work, by Lindly Haunani and Pierette Ashcroft, 1996
Creating with Polymer Clay, by Steven Ford, 1995
Foundations in Polymer Clay Design, by Barbara McGuire, 1999
Polymer Clay: exploring New Techniques, by Georgia Sargeant
and Celie Fago, 2002
400 Polymer Clay Designs, Lark Books, 2004

She curated:

Moves in Polymer Clay, Brookfield CT, 2003
Illuminating a Medium: Polymer Retrospective, Bryn Mawr PA, 2001
8X10 In Polymer Clay, Haworth NJ, 1999
8X10 In Polymer Clay, Haworth NJ, 1998
Masters' Invitational Polymer Clay Exhibition, Demarest NJ, 1997

Elise teaches and lectures about her work and the medium of polymer clay. Past venues include:

92nd St. Y, New York NY
National Polymer Clay Conference, 1997, Gaitlinburg TN
Art League School, Alexandria VA
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York NY
Laramie College, Cheyenne WY
MAFA Conference, 2001, Towson MD
National Polymer Clay Guild Conference, 2001, Bryn Mawr, PA
Old Church Cultural Center School of Art, Demarest, NJ
Ravensdale Polymer Clay Conferences, 1996, 1998, 2000, Seattle, WA

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