Each piece of Elise’s limited production work is unique, personally handcrafted by the artist. Though the basic forms remain similar, the color, patterns and designs are constantly evolving. Available jewelry will vary from those pictured here. If you are interested in items similar to what is shown here, contact Elise for availability. She can tell you exactly what is in stock and send you scanned images.

Nine Sautoir, 2004
64 inch wrapping rope necklace
with gold, vermeil, sterling silver and mica
$325 – $450

Shell Necklace, 2000
with 14 kt gold vermeil
18 inches long

Red Ribbon Necklace, 2008
with mica
34 inches long

Shell Brooch, 2006
1.5h x 2.25w x .25d inches

Pentala Brooch, 2006
with mica
3h x 3w x .25d inches

Triple Flair Brooch, 2002
with mica
2.5h x 3.5w x .25d inches

Swept Flair Brooch, 2002
3.5h x 2.25w x .25d inches

Brio Brooch, 2004
2.5h x 2.5w x .25d inches

Frosted Boa Bangles, 2009
with mica
.75h x 4w x 3.5d inches
$350 – $500

Flair Earrings, 2002
with surgucal steel posts
1.125h x .875w x .375d inches

Prisma Earings, 2006
with surgical steel posts
1.125h x .875w x .375d inches

Chrysalis Brooches, 2000
4h x .5w x .5d inches
$160 each

Cinch Brooch, 2001
with 14 kt gold vermeil
4h x .5w x .25d inches

Drop Earrings, 2001
with 14 kt gold vermeil ear wires
1.5h x .5w x .5d inches

Drop Earrings, 2004
with 14 kt gold leverbacks
1.5h x .5w x .5d inches

Almond Earrings, 2006
with 14 kt gold ear wires and mica
1.75h x .75w x .25d inches

Shell Earrings, 2000
with surgical steel posts
1.25h x 1w x .375d inches