The textures and patterns you see in my jewelry are unique to my work. My technique evolved over many years as I combined custom paint formulas with polymer clay blends. Tools that I invented allowed me to cut, etch and manipulate the materials into the distinctive features that have become the signature of my work. I think of polymer as acrylic paint in solid form. Like acrylic paint, it comes in basic colors as you see on the shelf behind me. When I begin a series of new work, I mix a palette of these solid color blocks like the green ones you see on the work table just to my right. These become variegated sheets that I overlay with luminescent and iridescent acrylic paints and custom formulated glazes..

The sheets are cut, pierced and assembled as I begin to construct each piece of jewelry. The unique textures and patterns reveal themselves as I hand-form each shape.

After final shaping, the pieces go into a convection oven for curing and hardening. During this process, a durable permanent bond between the polymer and the paint is achieved. Each clay piece emerges from the oven, strong and resilient for years of proud wear.